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The Flâneur


WHY remember the flâneur?

Have you ever noticed how alive you feel when you’re on vacation?

You walk the streets filled with wonder, marvelling at new sights, smells and sounds. Your heart feels more open and your creativity is awakened.

…Now compare this feeling to the way you feel on your Monday morning commute. Stark contrast, huh?

What if I told you that there was a way to cultivate this magical, vacation feeling in your everyday life, in situations where it’s so easy to feel as though you’re on autopilot, numbly going through the motions and following the crowd?

The way to this feeling doesn’t involve any classes, trainings, or regimented practices, it’s just a question of remembering (and taking cues from) an important archetype: The Flâneur.

“…the Flâneur?

Bear with me and read on:

The flâneur

The archetype of the flâneur is one who is in the crowd but not of the crowd, whose creativity is fed by observing the urban environment around him. 

The flâneur creates his own culture, experiences the world from a place of empowered engagement, and lives in wonder of everyday life.


At a time when so many people are insatiable in their search for wholeness, when we consume, stare into our devices, and try to follow scripts dictated by the outside world, remembering and reconnecting to the flâneur is necessary.

Walking the path of the flâneur is about coming back to who you are, what you see around you, and creatively engaging with these observations. A flâneur builds a home in the world amid all of the uncertainty and chaos. The compulsions for searching, mindlessly consuming, and forgetting where home is all fall away in the face of this sense of unconditional connection, this wholeness.

how to walk the path of the flâneur?

flâneur - where to start (1)

Really, start by just being. You can connect with the flâneur anywhere you are truly present, fully connected to yourself and to the world around you.

To get there, gently detach from the usual stories you tell and the roles you play as you navigate your city. If this feels difficult, take a few deep breaths and feel your feet touching the pavement, the sun on your face, the wind in your hair. Open your eyes (and heart) to seeing something new. 

Even if you’ve walked down the same street everyday for the past eleven years, there is always something new to see. It could be an architectural detail on a building that you’re just noticing, or it could be the look on a passerby’s face. When you creatively navigate your everyday surroundings, you feel that aliveness, that connection. When that feeling surfaces, you know that you’ve arrived, you’re on the path of the flâneur.

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