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Gene Kelly’s dance of joy, love, and dreams


One of my favorite flâneurs in pop culture is Gene Kelly. I grew up watching his movies, not because I grew up in the 1950s, but because my parents weren’t fond of mainstream 90s children’s movies and they preferred to let Old Hollywood influence and inspire me. It was a wonderful gift that my parents gave me, because the world of Old Hollywood is magical, complex, and soulful…

Anyway, enter Gene Kelly as flâneur. In most of his films, he played a similar character – handsome, masculine, and a bit street-smart. However, in the face of love or other inspiration, Kelly would always show his audience the soul and creativity that lay beneath the surface of his classically masculine persona. And this big moment often happened in urban spaces, which is why, for me, he stands out as one of Old Hollywood’s best flâneurs. For instance, here he is in It’s Always Fair Weather: Continue reading Gene Kelly’s dance of joy, love, and dreams

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