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Flâneur: One who walks the city in order to experience it.

Flâneurline is a project about creativity and exploring cities, but more than anything, it’s a project about remembering…

With the archetype of the flâneur as its muse, Flâneurline explores ways to engage with cities and communities that feed creativity, cultivate meaningful connections, and nourish the soul. Here you will find articles and images to help you connect to your inner flâneur…everything from stories about modern flâneurs to beautiful images that remind us of the beauty and magic that surrounds us.

Created as a response to the search for wholeness that so many of us undertake, Flâneurline is a reminder that wholeness lies in observation, connection, and soul – there’s no need to chase after it, wholeness is already there. 

Flâneurline is a refuge from the noise out there that encourages visitors to slow down, remember what’s really important, and engage with the world creatively, in love and inspiration.

“…That all sounds lovely. But what exactly is this flâneur archetype you keep mentioning?”

Glad you asked! To learn more about the flâneur, click here.

About the founder

polaroidAfter spending her early twenties wandering through her beloved Montreal, and her mid twenties exploring holistic health, Caroline was inspired to connect the dots of this journey in a way that would inspire others to connect with the world (and themselves!) more holistically.

The idea of the flâneur has followed her through her adult life (you can read more about her personal experiences as a flâneur here), and she has spent the last few years trying to bring forth the flâneur’s message of soulful, creative connection in her work.

When Caroline isn’t exploring cities and writing, she loves reading tarot cards with friends, jogging/sunbathing (weather permitting), knitting, collaging, and listening to soul music.

and there you have it…

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