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An Edifice Unity window ode

Edifice Unity 2

Behold: Montreal’s Edifice Unity.

Edifice Unity is one of the downtown skyscrapers built in the early 1900s, when it was illegal to build skyscrapers taller than ten stories. Tucked away at the corner of Saint-Alexandre and De-La-Gauchetière, right where downtown meets the financial district, this building is ten stories of architectural magnificence. I’ve always been especially in awe of its windows…Edifice Unity 1

…which brings me to the above image.

You know those moments when you’re out walking and some small detail catches your eye and makes your day? The image above captures that kind of moment.

This window caught my eye on a recent walk because it was the only window at that particular moment that seemed to say, “Welcome. This is a home.” The plants, the openness, and the warm backlight contrasted so beautifully with the darkness of Edifice Unity’s other windows and the office vibe of the other building in the background. As I continued my walk through the financial district, past the deserted-for-the-evening office buildings and empty-feeling luxury condos, this contrast got me thinking about how there are so many different ways to make a home in this world.

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